Global Funding Network is a subsidiary of Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation, a nonprofit that helps change makers and other nonprofits grow and become more effective.
Base on our experience as a non profit organization, we know that, it is not easy to find donors or grants to sponsor our cause and initiatives. This made us come up with Global Funding Network; the platform that helps organizations and individuals get donors and fund for their cause and projects.

There’s no cost for fundraisers and nonprofits to join our crowdfunding community. Instead, Global Funding Network retains a 5-10% nonprofit support fee plus a 3% third party processing fee on donations (see the chart below for more specific details).

We are considerate and work hard to keep costs low; the individual fundraisers’ support fee is 7-10% while the nonprofit support fee is 5-7% for most donations. This covers our vetting costs and enables us to deliver even more money other benefits to our users and partners.
For every $1 that goes to fees, we’ll raise, on average, an additional $2 for a nonprofit. When you account for all the extra funding that we deliver, Global Funding Network is essentially free for nonprofits because eventually, our partners experience a 0% net fee.
Non- profit Support Fee
1Direct donations to projects run by US or UK fundraisers or registered organizations7%7%Training and support to improve fundraising
2Direct donations to projects run by organizations registered in all other countries
1010Training and support to improve your fundraising
3Initial $1,000 raised per organization 12% Training and support to improve your fundraising
Initial organizational vetting
4Next $5,000 raised per organization 10 Training and support to improve your fundraising
Initial organizational vetting
Note: All donations also include a 3% third party transaction fee. Fees are negotiable for larger commitments