Meeting A Great Donor!

Our team welcomes you to Global Funding Network, where you meet up your fundraising goals and donations. For your project to be eligible to meet a great donor on Global Funding Network , you must have passed the Eligibility test.

Who are great donors?

Donors are the individuals and organizations that support a cause that is in- line with their vision, mission and purpose. A great donor gives generously to a good cause that is credible and eligible. The kind of causes a great donor supports are causes that will give value to every $1 spent.

Making your first contact with the corporate donors can be tough and intimidating. The corporate culture differs a lot from the nonprofit world. Many a times, non profit organization need to make a lot of efforts to reach out to a corporate donor, to make them listen to what they have to ask for, and to tell them why they stand out by the good work they do.

To meet a great donor on global funding network, fill our eligible test and pass your test.