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Learn change making actions that motivates and inspires donors to fund your projects and learn powerful advocacy strategies


The word “advocacy” comes from the Latin ‘advocare’ and literally means ‘to call out for support’. The origins of advocacy date back to ancient Rome and Greece when well-established orators would perform as advocates or wrote orations specifically for pleading someone’s cause.

Ritu R. Sharma from the Academy for Educational Development describes advocacy as a tool for “putting a problem on the agenda, providing a solution to that problem and building support for acting on both the problem and the solution”.

In essence, advocacy is speaking on behalf of others, one of its aims must be raising the public’s consciousness about a particular issue. This is where we come in as advocates of change, our voices and actions determines the kind of advocates we are.

Another definition by Save The Children Funds, advocacy is a social change process affecting attitudes, social relationships and power relations, which strengthens civil society and opens up democratic spaces”. To fulfill its aspirations advocacy requires efforts coordination, strategic thinking, information, communication, outreach and mobilization.

Advocacy is one of the most powerful ways that mission-driven organizations can create large-scale social change. When advocacy is successful, an organization can achieve far greater impact than through direct service delivery. However, advocacy is an unpredictable adventure, requiring clear thinking, skill, and luck.

Advocacy work can be large scale, advocating for governments to change policies, or smaller scale, advocating for community members to change behaviors. In this free online advocacy course, you will learn successful advocacy tactics and strategies from this course and we will share real change makers’ examples, interviews with extraordinary advocates, and true- life lessons learned from past and present advocacy experience.

Learners who complete this free online advocacy course are eligible to receive a Certificate of Achievement through the Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation School of Change Makers.



This course is an introduction to advocacy work. Any mission-driven individual and organization doing advocacy work; either large or small, will find this course useful. No previous learning or experience is required to take this advocacy course.


To participate in this course, you will need a device that allows you to read clearly, listen to audio, access course materials and correctly carry out your assignments.


Learners are eligible to receive a Certificate of Achievement for this course through our parent organization, the Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation School of Change Makers.

To earn a Certificate of Achievement for this course, you need to earn more than 50% of possible points on quizzes and assignments to obtain a passing grade. Quizzes are worth 25% of your total score, while assignments are worth 75%.

The program is a non-degree, diploma or credit-granting initiative. Global Funding Network as the subsidiary of Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation is founded to create fundraising opportunity for change makers, advocates of change and organizations creating change in the society while accessing learning materials that will help them to become a better change maker.

In the course of fundraising, GFN educate change makers, advocates and organizations creating change in their societies to learn, know and practise what they learn in their advocacy activities and change making actions.

The concept is to build learners and get them prepare for their change making projects. The course does not entitled them to earn college or other academic credit. It is only to build their humanitarian and advocacy work.


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