Advocacy Timeline Report: The Timing

The Advocacy Timeline Report allows you to view advocacy results for a specific time interval (month, week, or day).

You are offered a chart view of the results, as well as a table with the actual data. The headings of the data table in each report are “clickable" allowing you to project different data onto the chart from the same report. For example, you could project any of the following onto the chart for any given time frame: Number of Messages Sent, Number of Emails Sent, the 30-Day Running Daily Average Faxes, etc.

Use the Advocacy Timeline Report to do the following:

  • Analyze alerts as a function of time daily, weekly, or monthly. For any given alert, you can view the number of messages, emails, faxes, and printouts sent, the number of calls logged, as well as cumulative and daily average numbers.

  • View the data in a chart format. The charts can be saved as GIF images, which may be useful for staff or board presentations.