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The No. 1 online fundraising network for young change ambassadors and non- profit organizations. Thefundraising platform is a subsidiary of Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation, we connect change makers and NGOs engaging in life changing projects and programs that needs funding and which benefits children. Global Funding Network is set up to support young ambassadors of change doing humanitarian activities globally. Our aim and mission is to identify, equip, empower and support all change makers, life- changing NGOs and civic organizations, who are pace- setters, groundbreakers and pathfinders in the society. 

Global Funding Network partners with organizations and helps donors and philanthropist globally to reach out to ngos and projects; thereby creating an impact and ensure that change is prominent in the society, especially the developing countries. Read More

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Empower and Educate 300 girls in Cameroon


Given the Cameroon crisis, we are at risk of raising a lost generation of unschooled girls. As of May 2018, an estimated 42,500 children were still out of school, according to UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). Girls in particular are prevented from school. This project will affect more than 300 girls deprived of a chance for proper schooling, as lack of education and a sense of hopelessness create a perfect environment for child abuse, trafficking and radicalization. Save & Nurture Child Care Foundation plan to build learning centers and create environment that produce exceptional girls who will drive change in their communities to support girls traumatized by the anglophone crises in Buea Cameroon.

Empower and Educate 300 Girls in Cameroon

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"Not having enough money, does not mean you can not touch lives! Not having a degree, does not mean you can not educate a child! Not having a beautiful childhood, does not mean you can not give a child a beautiful childhood".

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